Written & Produced by Naeem
Directed by Naeem
Shot by Gavin Lacanilao & Tim Gleig
Edited by Arka Das & Naeem

Apple & Blue is a song about how keeping an eye to the future can give strength to the present. Apple & Blue becomes a mantra: Apple – the name of a future pet dog, and Blue – the colour of the piano which he hopes to be able to play in a house of his own in the woods with Apple by his side.

This is a trailer, track list and album announcement.
The album is “Slow Mover”, and at long last, all is said and done.

Slow Mover is Ry No looking at himself from a distance, reflecting on the inhibition and cogitation caused by the budding of big ideas at the beginning of a career. Found sounds clang and breathe together in transference, while other instruments play in the stream of consciousness that they form. Ry nods to his heroes and plays truant to rap music criterion, using his own understanding of both sound and the visual form to create something that you may find as unique as it is familiar.

Audrey — a short story about birth and loss, by Ry No.
Edited by Grace McCarter and sounds by Gold Moth.

Gold Moth — Money (dream) ft. Shino Smoke. Video made by Gold Moth.

Ry No – Colours Meaning Less, from the album Wise Cracker. Video made by Ry No.