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*publishing work in the many forms art can take, whether it’s audio/visual/tactile. We are a collective of artists from all over the world, Pegasus Farm is a place for us to release our work.

Ry No asked Gold Moth to remix his song "Apple & Blue". Moth in turn ripped it apart — threw it through glass, picked it up, taped it together, drowned it in the UK ocean and emailed it back to Australia. Overwhelmed, Ry No re-wrote his verse and sent the track to Tommy Codling and Naeem in Sydney. Overwhelmed again, Ry No wrote two more verses and called it a day. Then they filmed a video for it.

Gold Moth — Drive Slow Amygdala (Soundtrack)

Coming Soon

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A short film about anxiety. Written, directed and scored by Gold Moth.

Ry No — All Thumbs. Made on a Saturday in September '17.

'No Sleep, Woops' is a song written and produced by Naeem. Music video Directed by Naeem, shot by Gavin Lacanilao & Tim Gleig and edited by Arka Das & Naeem.

Gold Moth - Knife

Side A: Glass Ghost (Remix of Tommy Codling's "The Day I Found Out They Stopped Selling That Gucci Perfume)
Side B: Knife

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Ry No - Slow Mover

The second album by Ry No dedicated to the people who spend a lot of time on trains or alone in their rooms creating. For a detailed breakdown of the album see the dedicated album website.

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Ry No - Hurry, Krishna

Side A: Hurry, Krishna
Side B: The Slow Mover Sees

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Apple & Blue is a song about how keeping an eye to the future can give strength to the present. Apple & Blue becomes a mantra: Apple – the name of a future pet dog, and Blue – the colour of the piano which he hopes to be able to play in a house of his own in the woods with Apple by his side.

Ry No - Apple & Blue

Side A: Apple & Blue
Side B: The Slow Mover Speaks

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This is a trailer, track list and album announcement. The album is “Slow Mover”, and at long last, all is said and done.

A short story about birth and loss, by Ry No. Edited by Grace McCarter and soundscape by Gold Moth.

Part two of Gold Moth's Money series with Shino Smoke.

The first Ry No music video, featuring scanned iPhone footage, self portraits and a lazy rotoscope.

Ry No - Wise Cracker

The debut album by Ry No, made in Australia's Autumn in 2016. Inspired by trains and Japan.

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