Pegasus Farm is a collective of creatives, we're constantly growing and expanding as time moves forward. It began in 2014 by Ryan A. McShane (Ry No), and slowly realized until it's official launch in 2016.
Whilst it's a collective at it's core, it also acts as a clothing brand, record label and publisher.

Ry No

Founder & Creative Director. Making music, art, film, words, design.
Based in Brisbane, Australia.

Gold Moth

Producer, film maker, writer, painter.
Based in London, England.

Naeem Khan

Producer and rapper.
Based in Sydney, Australia.

Tommy Codling

Producer and singer.
Based in Sydney, Australia

Loup Blaster

Animator, director, illustrator, singer and producer.
Based in Calais, France.

Shino Smoke

Rapper, producer and actor.
Based in Oakland, USA.